Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stop Expecting, Start Accepting. Or This Is The Kind Of Conversation You'll Have If You Drink Soju In Jeju Island:P

You'd better stop expecting other people do what you want. Otherwise, you'd be missing a lot of good people.
 - Qin Jize

While I was having dinner with my fellows and the organizers, we broached a topic that was unavoidable: love and relationship. [Koreans drink a lot of alcohol during their meal, so after three or four shots of soju (Korean rice wine) we can learn a lot about them, from their love story to their family:P]

I find it interesting that no matter where we come from, we have similar problems in relationship: miscommunication. Problems usually start from simple things, such as women expect men to do more, while men think that they have done everything and wonder why women are so hard to please. Sometimes, this kind of miscommunication also happens between parents and children, or friends. 

Nobody is right or wrong in this case. It's just a matter of compromising. The main question is: do you want to make the relationship work? And that'll lead us back to the first two sentences in this post.

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