Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ohh, The Curiosity

After eight months of working in the new office (Yeah, I still call it new office haha. How long should it take to drop the word 'new'?), there is one specific thing that makes this office unique: the curious level is extremely high here.

Here are some examples:

1. Failed Date During Lunch Time
Background situation: my colleagues and I often have lunch together and since there are only 16 of us, we'd go in one large group.
AA: Let's go have lunch.
Me: You guys go ahead. I'm meeting up with my university friend in Setiabudi One.
AA: A friend? A man or a woman?
Me: Err...
AA: We want to meet your friend.
Me: -_-"

2. Where Are You Going For The Vacation?
Situation: This is the kind of conversation I'd have with my boss whenever I'm submitting a leave form.
Boss NPM: What is this?
Me: It says Leave Form.
Boss NPM: How long are you leaving the office? When are you coming back to office? Have you made the handover form?
Me: The information is all there on the form. I've completed my work and the handover too.
Boss NPM: Where are you going for the vacation? With whom are you going?
Me: Why do you want to know?
Boss NPM: Well, I will only let you go on vacation if you are going to meet future husband.
Me: -_-"

I know they meant well, but still...

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Teacher's Diary - A Thailand Movie

Thailand | 2014 | 110 minutes | Director: Nithiwat Tharatorn

I saw the trailer of this movie when I was queuing for another movie. Needless to say, I was hooked and set an agenda to watch it for the next weekend.

The movie follows the story of two teachers who are alternately assigned on a floating school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2012, former wrestler-turn-teacher Song (Sukrit Wisetkaew) arrives at the school and finds a diary of Ann (Chermarn Boonyasak), the teacher who was assigned at the school the year before. Her diary helps him to better understand his students, get through his broken heart and overcome his loneliness. 

In 2013, Ann returns to the floating school and finds her diary with new notes from Song. While Ann and Song have never met, the diary brings them close and create a kind of longing to meet the other.

The movie successfully bridges two time periods with the scenes going back and forth on the time that Ann and Song spend on the floating school. Will they finally be able to meet each other? Well, it's not a Thailand horror movie, so just relax and chew the popcorn.

Apart from the romantic scenes, this movie still manages to keep the central theme on what being a teacher really means and why you should always stay true to your heart. This movie also makes me miss writing on my paper journal :).

Photos found here.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Two Days Prior To Election 2014

Early vote: An Indonesian citizen casts his vote at a polling station at The Indonesian School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday. A total of 402,730 Indonesians who registered with the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) in Kuala Lumpur cast their votes for the legislative election on Sunday. Malaysia has the highest recorded number of overseas Indonesian voters for this year’s elections. (Antara, found here)

As the photo above shows, most Indonesians living abroad have cast their vote for the legislative election last weekend. While the election day in Indonesia will fall this Wednesday, I can't help feeling a bit of panic running in my vein. Unlike the previous years, when I still worked for a media and covered election process, now I absolutely have no idea who's the candidates in my district.

Thanks to the Internet, we can now check the candidates through websites, such as Peta Caleg, Jari Ungu, Check Your Candidates and Wikikandidat.  There is even a website that claims it has the list of clean legislator candidates (Bersih 2014). In my opinion, the information provided in those websites is still not enough, but it's definitely a big leap from the 2004 election, when information on candidates were simply put up at the central/local government offices. 

There's also a new policy saying that if you are on the road on the election day, you can come to any poll booth, show the eligible voter paper and ID and cast the vote after 12 p.m. I'm not really sure about this, though. Ten years ago, I had to cover the election at the then Vice President's house (Hamzah Haz). When I asked the poll booth officer if I could vote there, the officer refused, saying that the number of ballots was allocated as much as the number of voters in the area. So, we'll see it the new policy will be well-implemented.

Heavy terrain: A soldier safeguards the transportation of legislative election logistical materials in Brambang Darussalam village, Bondowoso, East Java on Sunday. Due to the heavy terrain, horses were used to transport the materials. (Antara, found here)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gallivanting in Pangalengan

It's already April 2014! What have you achieved in the first quarter of 2014? Well, apart from the 3 kgs that I've gained, I managed to have a quick getaway to Pangalengan, South Bandung with my co-workers last weekend. 

We had a long weekend since Monday, March 31 was Hindu's Day of Silence.We went white water rafting (a Grade 4 rapid, no biggie), walked along the tea plantation, visited a Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) coffee factory, crammed in at Kawah Putih (White Crater) and simply enjoy the free time.

Here are some moments we froze into photos :).

Deuter Futura 22L and Cozmeed Chumbu

White water rafting at Palayangan River

Four girls ditching urban lives to be tea pickers :D

 Another scene at the tea plantation

 Kawah Putih. Due to the long weekend, there are so many people going out for holiday. We were stuck in traffic jams for about four hours between Pangalengan and Ciwidey.

 Levitation pose at Kawah Putih

A cup of coffee with friends

We went to a kopi luwak (civet coffee) factory where they fed the civets with coffee. Poor thing.

Kancil (Mousedeer)

It was a nice respite from the hectic workdays. Now, let's get back to work!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just So You Know...

Sometimes (well, many times) I ponder whether I've taken the right decisions. You know, things like quitting my previous profession or taking the major back in university. I don't regret those decisions, I just wonder if it's the right thing.

I've had enough with all "When are you getting married?" questions. I know you're just being you, so please let me be myself. And rather than asking questions, introduce me to some of your single male friends. 

I often think about life as an unmarried woman and as a married one. I wonder what each life would be like.

When something makes me upset, I can cry my eyes out for hours.

I've been applying scholarships for the past few years and have been getting rejections. In fact, I have just received another rejection letter for a scholarship. I don't cry for this issue, but the whole business of scholarship application is so physically and emotionally draining

And why am I applying for scholarship? Well, being the only child, I am now the sole breadwinner in the house. I do want to have a Master degree, but I have to think about the sustainability of the household.   Sometimes, I dream of having several siblings so I can delegate some of the responsibilities.

Another downside of being an only child is the attention you get from parents. At some points, I wish I had the Invisible Cloak. *This is Harry Potter fan talking*

I don't always agree with M&D. When we're having a heated argument, I'd leave the room and stay away from them until our emotional bursts cool down.

Despite all the arguments between my folks and I, I'm worried that my time on earth is shorter than theirs. I'm not worried if they should pass on before I do because I think I'm healthy enough to continue living. But what if it's the other way around? Could they cope with the loss of their only child? Who would take them to doctors? Or put blankets on them should they fall asleep at the porch? And the most important question: who will pay their bills? Yeah, I'm a worry wart like that.

I pretty much enjoy washing the clothes, but I don't like the ironing part. If you ever see me wearing  any mismatched clothes, it's one of those days when I haven't ironed the laundry.

I can spend my weekend staying inside my bedroom like a hermit.

So I guess I'm not afraid of living alone. But one of my greatest fears is having a meaningless life.

I've broken so many combs so I just stop buying them. I use my fingers to comb my hair. After all, it's easier for my curly hair.

Anyway, why did I write all of the above here in this space? Because I'm not perfect, my life is not perfect. Everybody has their own battles and burdens. To those thinking "wow, she has such a perfect life", well, I'm not. There are days when I just want to stop thinking and worrying. But then I am reminded of so many blessings God grants me.

Just keep moving, friends. Because this too shall pass :).