Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Losing Memories

My 500GB portable hard disk decided to die on Monday morning. When I plugged it to the laptop, it made ticking sound like a grandfather's clock. The IT person in the office said I'd better buy a new one because it's almost impossible to repair it. 

The stupidest thing was I told the IT guy to format the disk without backing up the files because I thought I already had the same files in the laptop at home. But when I checked the laptop again...guess what, I had deleted many files there because I thought  the portable had disk would do the job.

The portable hard disk is just a thing, and if you know me in real life, I wouldn't care less of a thing, especially an electronic gadget. What makes me grief is the fact that the portable hard disk held the photos of my travel, and I just lost them. 

I had the portable hard disk since 2010, but I have stored photos of my travels from the previous years. Now that I'm inventorying all the travels and photos, I realize how much photos (and life experiences) I've accumulated between 2004 and 2014.

2004 : Shanghai, China
2006 : Mt. Gede, Indonesia
2008 : Singapore
2009 : Beijing, China 
2010 : Mt. Beuticanar, Kei Island, Ujung Genteng, Bali-Lombok, Ende, Indonesia; Seoul, South Korea;  
2011 : Rome, Italy; Hanoi, Vietnam; Belitong, Mt. Krakatau, Indonesia
2012 : Istanbul, Turkey; Kyiv-Lviv-Odesa, Ukraine; Ujung Kulon, Karimun Jawa, Bromo-Pekalen-Sempu, Indonesia
2013 : Kuala Lumpur-Penang, Malaysia; Hat Yai-Koh Tao-Bangkok, Thailand; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Pahawang, Komodo-Trans Flores, Palangkaraya, Cirebon, Gunung Kidul, Indonesia
2014 : Takabonerate, Madura, Indonesia

I can still get the travel photos in Indonesia, for I usually go with my travel buddies (Aneen, Windy Dee, Cousin Dina). But photos of my travel abroad would need extra effort and time, and it is likely that I would never fully recover them.

Now, would you excuse me for I want to mourn for a while...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

As If In A Sit-Com :D

After working in this office for one year, I get a feeling like I'm working for a sit-com, where everyone is actors and there will be this guy shouting "Cut!" any moment. Here is why...

1. Perfect blocking
There are moments when people just appeared a few seconds after we talk about them. This can lead to an awkward lull or a roaring laugh if we are talking about their weird antics (which is the case most of the time). 

Example 1.
DG: Mbak Tifa, Mas Ari would like to borrow the video to complete the MoM.
Me: Ok, sure. (I had not even closed my mouth when said person showed up at my door.)
Ari: Hi, may I borrow the video?
Me: Did you just listening behind the door before making the entrance?
Ari: No, it's just that I got the elevator quickly (His office is on the 6th floor, mine is on the 20th)

Example 2.
DRA: I've finished the news draft for web update. I'll be sending it to your email and Boss NPM.
Me: Ok, thank you.
NPM: (suddenly appeared at my door) Did anyone just call my name?
DRA: OMG, what is wrong with you guys? Why do you show up out of the blue like a genie?

2. There is no protagonist or antagonist. Everyone is both funny and annoying
Example 1.
NPM: Everyone who works in this office experience a major improvement.
Me: Really? *sounding skeptical*
NPM: But your improvement is specifically in the curves (He wants to say that I've gained weights.-Editor)
Me: Do you realize that I'm holding a fork at the moment? *with threatening voice*

Example 2.
Situation: I was in the photocopy/scanner-cum-pantry area, making a cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the scanner complete its job. Suddenly AA entered, took over my chair and began to print a document.
Me: Hey, I'm scanning a document.
AA: Oh sorry, I didn't notice
Me: *leaving my cup at the pantry and trying to take back the computer* Move over, please. Oh, great, now the scanning is postponed.
AA: I'm done with the printer. Here you are. Oh, there's hot chocolate (and then she just drank it)
Me: Hey, that's mine (-_-)"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Orangutan And Durian

Birthday present: Orangutan "Jacky" eats a durian on its 37th birthday, at a zoo in Bali. (AP/Firdia Lisnawati) Source

Monday, September 15, 2014

Seven Life Lessons

1. Let go of anger. When we erupt in anger we often feel much worse. Hence, it’s better to cool off and to work on staying calm.

2. When people treat you badly it’s rarely “about you”. More often it tells you how that person is feeling, or some other issue that is bothering them.

3. You’re not the only one who has struggled with this issue – so don’t feel so awful, or put yourself down.

4. Enjoy the good times and savour every moment as life is a precious gift to be enjoyed.

5. Work and be persistent as it’s worth the slog and pain. In the end it makes a difference as the pay off is success.

6. You need to find a passion and set yourself some goals if you want to go somewhere, and makes something of life.

7. All relationships can teach us so much about ourselves. Both the good and the bad show us who we really are. They reveal what we think, and how we feel, about ourselves – as well as what our values and our expectations are.

Found here

Monday, September 1, 2014

Vina Panduwinata - September Ceria

It's one week prior to the big event, which my office and several development partners organize. Everyone is tense. So let's loosen up with this old song from Vina Panduwinata, my all time favorite
Indonesian songbird :).