Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Don't Drink Soju In Jeju Island*

Hello peeps, how was your weekend? Jeju island was bright and sunny after the Kompasu typhoon. But when we were leaving on Sunday, another typhoon, Malou, was coming to Korea. Our flight experienced quite a terrible turbulence, but I thought that was fun, almost like a roller coaster:)

The flight from Gimpo airport, Seoul to Jeju island only takes about 45 minutes. Below are some photos  I took during my stay there. 

Yay, I went to Jeju! (I spare you the pain of seeing my face, instead I give you my feet and the sewer tunnel)

I tried to find shells, but all I could see was rocks.

This would be a perfect place for picnic (if only the sun were not scorching).

Jeju Island has beautiful beaches, but Kei Islands still tops my list:)

Cheonjiyeon waterfall. 

This was the tea set I used during a class on tea ceremony. Since I was fasting, I gave my tea to Mrs. Kim, the tour guide.

The island has many hills.

We had some rocky adventure

I still have several photos on Jeju island, but I need to compile them in one post as they have one theme: Korean drama's shooting location. Hahaha, you don't think I would miss going to those places, do you? See you on the next post!

*Sometimes it's fun to make a rhyming title, even though it's irrelevant to the content:P

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