Monday, September 27, 2010

Inside Incheon International Airport

An airport gives the first face of the nation. Seoul has two airports: Incheon (for international flights) and Gimpo, or Kimpo (for domestic flights). The way I see them, both airports look great. 

Cousine Dina asked me to take a look around Incheon International Airport because she wanted to know more about the airport, not just glimpses from Korean dramas. Dear cousine, this post is for you.

This area kinda reminds me of Sultan Hasanuddin II airport in Makassar, South Sulawesi

My shoes and a view to my boarding gate

The shopping arcade. I was beginning to feel bored because it's just like any other airports, but then...

A playground! This is just perfect for the young travelers:)

I heard beautiful music, walked closer and lo and behold! There's a cultural center in the airport. Wow! Totally recommend this if you're in Incheon International Airport. Umm, hello airport official, this is one idea that we can use in Soekarno-Hatta airport, or any other airport actually.

Visitors to the center can try fan painting

You can also make a printing by dabbing ink into a piece of paper placed on top of a carved surface.

All foreign passengers can participate in the center's event. All they have to do is presenting their passport and boarding pass. Unfortunately, my boarding time was only 15 minutes later. The staff would not let me to participate:(

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