Monday, February 27, 2017

Being A Woman Means Being Second Guessed At Every Second

Several sentences that hold truth: 

1. Being second guessed is inevitable when you're a woman working in a male-dominated field of work. 

That's a line said by a female friend, who studied Architecture for the undergraduate degree, works full time as a graphic designer, takes architectural part-time jobs and sets up a business in fashion industry. 

Isn't she a mighty woman? I work with her for the Garut project, she is the principal designer, while I'm just pieces of parsley (It should be 'remahan rengginang/rempeyek' in Bahasa Indonesia, but pieces of parsley is more befitting for the translation. Ha!). Regardless of her portfolio in architectural designs, she often stops to question her ability, just to ensure that she doesn't make a mistake.

2. Because once a woman made a mistake in this male-dominated sector, it would be very difficult to get away from it

That's also said by the same friend. Need I explain more? 

3. To avoid making a mistake, make reference to another work made by a man

Another wise sentence from the very same friend. She would gather information as complete as possible, analyze what make them work, lay out her design, questions herself 2-3 times again to find possible mistakes and prepare her defense for the client.

I imagine the process would be much easier when you're a man, no?

I'm writing this after a man asked whether the aforementioned friend's design was strong enough to hold the roof *rolling my eyes*. And now I'm googling tips for to break down the habit of second guessing competent women. Stop second guessing women, guys, we are competent enough to know what we are capable of doing!

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Trouble With Passwords

My office gives me a moderately small laptop to work on all work-related assignments. Due to security measures, the laptop has two passwords. The first should be keyed in upon the completion of booting, and the second is used to activate the operating system. Actually, there is a third password: for the office email.

And to make matters worse, those passwords should be changed periodically. The new passwords should be different than the old ones, and the new passwords should have strong elements such as capitals and numbers.

It goes without question that I keep forgetting and mixing up those passwords. The situation would go like this...

#1. When Passwords Expire
Situation: I was trying to log in to the laptop, but to no avail. IT guy came to the rescue.
IT Guy: Before your passwords are expiring, you will receive a notification email. Please inform me should such email arrives in your inbox
Me: Ok, will do.
(A few months later)
Me: I got the notification email!
IT Guy: Ok, just chill and change the passwords.
Me: Can you do that for me? If I do it, the system says the new passwords are not strong enough.
IT Guy: Argh, ok.

#2. When I Forgot The Passwords
Situation: I keyed in the wrong passwords three time. After three wrongs of log in, the system will stop and no one can use the laptop.
Me: Errr, could you help me with the laptop?
IT Guy: Ok, what did you do now?
Me: I keyed in wrong passwords three times, and it's blocked now.
IT Guy: Ok, just wait for a bit. You'd better wrote these down, it's been the umpteenth time you forgot them.
Me: Ok, done
(A few days later)
Me: If I want to log in to the headquarters, which password I should use?
IT Guy: The one for email.
Me: The problem is I think I keyed in the wrong passwords. Three times.
IT Guy: (-_-)"

Do you also have trouble remembering passwords? Have any tips to overcome it?

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Magical Night At The International Ballet Gala

Source: here

I still haven't moved on from the magical night of International Ballet Star Gala last Saturday. Oh, by the way, yes I bought the ticket on a whim. But I didn't regret it at all. 

The gala showcased 10 international principal dancers, who performed excerpts of world famous ballet shows, both classic and contemporary ballet. The classic included Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Carmen Suite, and Giselle. 

I wished I could record the whole show, but there were a series of restrictions for the spectators. Fortunately there is a video on international ballet artist Adiarys Almeida performing Le Corsaire (one of the excerpts performed on Saturday) with Joseph Gatti. She performed the dance on Saturday night with Daniil Simkin of American Ballet Theater, though, but it's pretty much the same.

I went to this show alone, and luckily was seated to a nice lady who was also going on her own. We bonded over a battle of seat dispute that unraveled before our eyes. The dispute started when a couple (heretofore to be called as Couple #1) came in very late and found  their seats were occupied by another couple (Couple #2). It was not Couple #2's fault, though, they were guided by an officer to those very seats. Couple #1 insisted to take back their rights, however, Couple #2 found that their rightful seats were also occupied by other couple (Couple #3). The officer tried to fix the dispute by directing the couples to their seats, which was what she should do in the first place to avoid this kind of dispute.

Couple #1 and Couple #2 were saying angry words to each other, disrupting my vision and audio enjoyment of the show. Both my seat mate and I agreed that while it was all the officer's fault, Couple #1 should not start the drama. After all, they came very late. They were lucky to be allowed inside. Should this happen in Europe, they would have to wait outside until the intermission.

Another note to self: I should wear a dress/skirt and high heels for my next ballet viewing. Although I've put on my formal attire, I felt very under-dressed last Saturday.

Friday, February 3, 2017

International Ballet Gala In Jakarta

Would you go watch the international ballet gala this weekend? I just found out about this event like a few hours ago. You can buy the tickets here.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!