Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Nice People I Met During My Sojourn In South Korea

Time flies when you're having fun, a proverb says. And how true it is. It felt just like yesterday that I stepped on Incheon airport and started my three-week fellowship. Today is the last day of the fellowship before my homecoming to Indonesia.

During my sojourn, I've met many people who helped me go through the days in a foreign land. I've posted several group photos, but here are some individual photos to get a closer look:)

The first Korean I met here. He was hiding his tote bag behind his back, but it's him, the tall and lean SNU student who picked me up at the airport (name and identity are hidden to protect the innocent, LOL). He lived in Indonesia for 10 years, so he can speak a bit of Bahasa.

With lovely Nari, the SNU staff

Sewon from LG. Thanks for having us there for three weeks:)

Hugo, the Mexican fellow. He loves to eat spicy food. During my last days, I would meet him during breakfast time. He was like my bodyguard because he often helped me with my umbrella. Thanks, Hugo:)

Brazilian fellow Wharrysson who is a self-professed disorganized person. He has lost many stuffs and bought many stuffs too during his stay:D

Spanish fellow Santiago. He often got separated from the group because he was busy taking pictures, but his cheerful personality always brings smile to our faces:)

Chinese fellow Qin, my partner for a night walk exercise:)

Indian fellow Josh (left) and Polish fellow Marcin (right). They make a unique combination, for Josh is a talkative person and Marcin tends to be reserved.

Last but not least, Yong Jae, the guy who always took our pictures during field trips

Thank you very much for the lovely memories we shared in South Korea. I hope to see you again someday:)

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