Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tiger Kiss

Mulan Jamilah, a 6-year-old Bengal tiger, kisses caretaker Abdullah Sholeh in the garden beside their home on January 20, 2014, in Malang, Indonesia. Sholeh has become best friend and a full-time nanny to the tiger. Mulan's owner, Noer Muhammad Sholeh, 51, asked Abdullah to take care of the tiger when it was a 3-month-old cub at Dilem Village. Sholeh regularly sleeps, plays, and fights with the huge tiger. Found here

Friday, May 13, 2016

Good News On Sumatran Rhinos

Harapan, a young male Sumatran rhino, was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2007 to mother Emi and father Ipuh. Harapan spent time in three US zoos over his first 8 years of life: the Cincinnati Zoo, White Oak Conservation Center in Florida, and the Los Angeles Zoo. ( Rhino Foundation). 

A Sumatran rhinoceros has given birth at an Indonesian sanctuary. The female calf was born on Thursday, weighs about 45 pounds ( 20 kilograms ). Read more here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 ?

Indonesian | 2016 | 123 minutes | Director: Riri Riza

((Beware of spoilers))

Ok, I finally caved in and watched it in the cinema. I mean, how can't I not watch it when everyone I know raved about it. I don't think I watched the first movie in the cinema (I waited until it was aired on TV), but here I am, watching the sequel on the big screen because it was the talk of the town.

The sequel opens with Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo), Maura (Titi Kamal) and Millie (Sissy Priscilia) gather to celebrate the comeback of Carmen (Adinia Wirasti) from a rehab center. They decide to take a girls-only vacation in Yogyakarta to cheer Carmen up, and to see the exhibition of a Yogyakarta-based artist Eko Nugroho (By the way, this guy is top notch!). 

Fourteen years after the first movie, each character has continued with their own life, but they are still friends. Cinta works in an art gallery that handle work of arts and performing arts, she is also engaged to a young and handsome businessman Trian (Ario Bayu), Maura is now a sassy housewife, who still bosses around her friends, Millie is married to Mamet (Dennis Adhiswara) and they are expecting their first child, while the sporty and tomboy Carmen has just gone through a difficult breakup with her ex-husband.

The absence of Alya (Ladya Cheryl) is explained when they bade goodbye to Alya's ash burial. It was a bit sad to see Alya's character gets killed in this sequel, especially since it was Alya that made Cinta realized that she loved Rangga in the first movie. Can't you just make Alya in a comatose and then revive her in AADC 3, Mira Lesmana and Prima Rusdi?

Meanwhile, Rangga (Nicholas Saputra) has also made a living in New York. He opens a small cafe with a friend, while still continues writing poems and articles as well as taking photographs. People may not like looking older, but I personally like that Rangga has the dark circle and lines below his eyes. 

Rangga misses Dian in the cold New York, but he tries to bottle up all his feelings. Until one day, a young girl, who claims to be his stepsister, shows up at his cafe, asking him to come home and see his ailing mother. Guess where Rangga's mother reside? Yogyakarta!

During their trip, Carmen and Millie see Rangga. The girlfriends tell Cinta and advice her to meet him, for a good closure before she marries Trian. At first, Cinta refuses. But then Carmen set them to meet at an art exhibition. Cinta, who is not ready for the meeting, is furious with Carmen and says the things that she shouldn't say about Carmen's failed marriage. Carmen goes out all night to cool her head, and when she returns, the girls make peace. Cinta finally agrees to meet Rangga.

What initially planned to be just one-two hours of meeting expands into a 24-hour reunion. They tell each other what has happened during the years of separation, fight several times and then make up, and the best thing is they show the audience what makes Yogyakarta an unforgettable city.

The ending is sweet and expected, Cinta ditch Trian for Rangga, of course.

Random thoughts passing in the head during the screening:
  • I think the script is written in a rush. They could have done better. The banter between Cinta and Rangga, who is supposed to be in late 20s or early 30s, sounds like a couple of teenagers having a fight.
  • There is a line from the first movie that gets reiterated in this second movie: "Rangga, what you did to me was cruel."
  • Product placement in this movie is very visible and, to some point, annoying. A**le, L*n*v* and A*ua D*n*n*, to name a few.
  • I love it that AADC has this habit to instill political issues. In the first movie, it is told that Rangga's mother left him and his father because his father wrote a thesis that criticizes the government and led to Rangga's father being fired from work and considered as anti-government. In the sequel, there is a scene where Cinta and Rangga watch a Papermoon Puppetry show, titled A Cup of Coffee from Playa, which tells about the 1965 tragedy that separates a couple.
  • The first movie has one kissing scene, which stirred responses from the film censor body. The sequel has two, and both scenes are not censored! Perhaps there will be three kissing scene in AADC 3, hahaha. It is interesting to see that 14 years has changed the film censor body.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Events For The Upcoming Long Weekend

Hello lovelies, this week I only have three days of work because Thursday is Ascension of Jesus Christ and Friday is Isra Mi'raj. I'm taking a half day leave today to anticipate heavy traffic as people will leave the city.

It's been so long since I last wrote up a list of things to do on the weekend, I hope I manage to put all in one post. Here it goes...

Have a soft spot for foreign films? Watch them during Europe on Screen, which will run until May 8. I've already marked some of the films :).

Bookworms, there's a must-visit book expo at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Jakarta.

Shrek The Musical hits Jakarta.

Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival is here again.

Other than that, I think I'll put the KonMari's method into action and perhaps go watch Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2

Hope you have a good one!