Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Tale Of Two Coffee Prince Cafes

Photo found here

[Disclaimer: This post may contain terms that only Korean drama fans understand.]

Confession: I love Korean drama Coffee Prince. So when I found out that the cafe for the shooting location is opened for public, I quickly set a schedule to come and see the place. Unfortunately, my tight schedule only allowed me to go there at night. That's why I use other people's photo on the exterior, because almost all my photos are too dark. (Note to self: should learn how to take photos in low light condition)

The cafe is located near Hongik University subway station (Hongdae area). I should warn you that there are two Coffee Prince cafes, and both are located near Hongdae. The real one is the one pictured above. 

Here's the map.
To get there, you take subway line 2, stop at Hongik University subway station, and exit at the fourth exit. Turn right on Seven Springs and walk until you reach intersection. Then turn left, walk for about one block and turn right. Continue walking for about 500 meters and you'll find the cafe on your right.

From the outside, the cafe is a bit covered with trees. Just like in the series, the cafe has a modest neighborhood cafe atmosphere. No glitzy interior. Those who sets their expectation high may be disappointed, but I like the cafe just the way it is. If the prices can be lowered, it will be perfect. 

Tadaa! The wall with sunflower painting where Han Kyul kisses Eun Chan and says that he doesn't care if she were a man or an alien. For full recaps on the series, you can read them here.

Merchandise sold in the cafe

Some movie props left in the cafe

I also went to the other cafe called Coffee Prince Tiramisu Cafe, which is licensed by MBC. It is quite near from the real Coffee Prince cafe. 

It's located in a small alley, so it's hard to photograph the facade

Coffee beans from Indonesia. Yay!

The interior is similar to the real cafe. The plus side of this second cafe? It employs waiters, while the real one employs waitresses. I think one of the waiters is kind of cute, although I would say the same thing on men wearing black-rimmed eyeglasses:P

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