Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Miscellanous Facts On Seoul

1. There are three SIMcard companies in South Korea: SK, KT and LG. I'm still considering which one I should buy, or whether I really need it, because the wi-fi is so damn good (upon hearing my compliment on the excellent wi-fi, a staff said,'welcome to Korea'). But M&D can't go online, even the word 'online' scare them. So yeah, I need to call them from time to time.

Somehow I forgot to ask Indosat to turn on my number to Korean area, so now I'm a cellphone-less girl. While this is a good thing (well, if you read this blog carefully, you know how I love going to places where there is no cellphone signal), I feel obliged to tell M&D of my whereabout.

You can also rent a phone at Incheon airport, around 3,000 won (around US$3, or multiply the KRW by 7 if you're converting to IDR) per day and there is additional charge if you make a phonecall. But you need to present your passport and credit card to rent a phone. I don't have a credit card, so goodbye cellphone signal, see you again on Sept. 17.

2. The electrical socket in Korea is similar to Indonesia, it's two-wire plug but I also saw some three-wire plugs. For more information about the shape of the plugs, you can click here. Since I bring so many gadgets (laptop, cellphone and battery charger for camera), I find this a very relieving fact. Yay!

3. The steering wheel is on the left. And most cars here are of Korean brands, such as Hyundai, Kia or Daewoo.

4. We can use T-Money cards for public transportation, such as subway, bus and taxi. There are recharge machines in every subway station. For the bus, if you don't buy this T-Money card, you can also pay upon entering it. It's around 800-900 won.

5. I've been seeing walking tracks and many people who walk or jog on the track. So maybe that's another reason why people here have the slim figure.

6. If you're a woman and planning to go to South Korea, here's an advice: do not underdress. Everyone I see walking in public look drop dead gorgeous. Almost every women wear eyeshadow and good dress. While the men (be still my heart), they emanate the aura of sleek, sophisticated, yet simple. I believe they spend time and effort to get the look. I try to look my best by playing with colors.

7. People here are obsessed with gadget. DSLR cameras are like the next hype thing here. I've been seeing people carrying them and snapping photos everywhere. I also saw people watching TV show (yes, it's only a TV show!) in subway.

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