Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Souvenirs From A Journey

Photo was taken in Daejeon

Dear friends, do you buy souvenirs when you're on a journey? What kind of souvenirs do you buy? Postcards, keychains or other small trinkets? Do you buy a lot of things with less meaning, or do you buy a small number of things but using a lot of considerations?

I prefer the latter than the former. But I have to admit that I'm not the right person when it comes to buying souvenirs. Usually I don't buy anything for myself. For me, the greatest souvenirs I can have from a journey is the experience I got during my stay. And that comes in the shape of photographs and travel stories. 

This post is actually a disclaimer for all my friends, since I didn't buy any souvenirs for them. I'm so sorry guys, but I'm already 7-kilogram overweight on the luggage. And no, that 7-kg stuffs are not even the things I buy, but the lecture materials I got during the fellowship. I didn't have the heart to dispose them, especially when I remembered that it was for the fellowship that I went there. Ah, now you know that I'm a melancholic hoarder.

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