Monday, September 20, 2010

Korean Cuisines Are More Than Just Kimchi

I tried some Korean cuisines last year during Korean Cultural Week, and they were not as delicious as I expected (I tried bulgogi and kimchi). So when I was told that I got the fellowship, of course the first thing that crossed my mind was: "Oh my God, can I survive in that country for three weeks?" (Hey, food is important. At least for me.)

It turns out that my worry is baseless. Korean cuisines are delicious! Well, this statement comes from a girl who loves sushi, sashimi and everything with soup and rice. Everyone knows that Koreans have a thing with kimchi (traditional Korean fermented vegetable). During my stay in South Korea, I saw a kimchi museum and found that LG has kimchi refrigerators! OMG. But of course, there is more to Korean cuisine than just kimchi.

As the Chinese fellow Qin says,"When in Korea, eat Korean cuisines!", I hereby present photos of Korean cuisines I sampled there.

Bibimbbap, or mixed rice

Mushroom soup

Galbi, or grilled beef rib. Sometime they also serve pork for galbi, so if you're a Muslim, make sure you ask for beef.

Sundubu jjigae, or tofu soup

Cold noodle

I forgot the name of the dish, but it has seafood and quite spicy. I love it.

This is actually shabu-shabu (Japanese hot pot), but I want to show you the beansprouts. They're so huge!

I had this oxtail soup and suddenly felt a longing to be at home.

I just love seafood! Prawns, more prawns and octopus are yum!

Rice cakes at a temple.

My last Korean meal on-board of Korean Air:)

I think I'm going to a Korean restaurant tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. Ahh, I miss you already, Korean cuisines.

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