Hello, there! 

I am Tifa, a Jakarta-based thirty-something Indonesian blogger who loves photography, arts and other graphic-related stuffs, but also has a passion for the written words. This blogs is an outlet where I put my favorite things, such as food, travel stories and life survival tips in the capital city of Indonesia:).

I started this blog in the last days of 2009 as a way to escape from the daily routine. Some of the texts and pictures posted here are mine, unless noted otherwise. If you like the things here and re-post them in your place, I'd be thrilled to see the links.

If you have any question about Indonesia or anything that I post in this blogs, you can contact me in my email: stargirl.supernova@gmail.com. Or for a more urgent matter at chifuya@yahoo.com, my other email that I check every day. 

I hope I can be of your help. Thanks for visiting. Have a great day:).