Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kafe Betawi

Now that I thought it over, I seldom review Indonesian restaurants. Some of the Indonesian restaurants that made it to this blog were Kopi Tiam Oey and Marco's Bofet. Other restaurants? Well, they may be owned by Indonesians, but the menus consist of Western/Non-Indonesian cuisines. Hmm. Since this blog name contains the word Indonesia, I figure I should do at least squeeze some photos of Indonesian cuisines every once in a while. Hahaha, lame excuse, I know.

And this idea struck as a coincidence because my colleague Wda just threw a farewell dinner at Kafe Betawi a few days ago. There were seven people coming to the dinner, and we forced each to order different dishes (so we could try other people's dish, hehehe). Here are photos of the dishes we ate there.


Soto Betawi

Soto Ayam

Mie tek-tek

Lontong Cap Gomeh

Kari Ayam

Garang Asem

Thank you for the lovely dinner and the good times we had in this office, Wda. Good luck on your future endeavour:)

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