Monday, February 27, 2012

I Brought My Red Camera To Rosso

A few weeks ago I got an assignment to write a piece on Rosso, Hotel Shangri-La's Italian restaurant. It's a fine dining restaurant, so the service is great and the food is wonderful. I also had a chance to talk with the chef, a charming lady named Oriana Tirabassi. She used to work for fashion designers (just to name one: Gucci) before she donned the apron. So all her dishes are not only delicious, but also well-presented. 

When she saw my red camera, she smiled and said,"What a beautiful camera. You bring a red camera to Rosso. How proper is that." Hahaha. It's a good ice breaker, my camera that is. I snapped some photos with the camera. Here are the results:
Rosso Punch

Marinated salmon

Mushroom porcini cappuccino

Two plates of trilogy (three dishes in one tray). The restaurant has the big portion, but I begged to the chef to give me small portions of several dishes. "No diet for today. You must finish them all," the chef said. And I did (with the help of the hotel's PR person:P)


Strawberry affogato


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