Monday, February 20, 2012

Divers In Labile Mode

Just a glimpse of Sepa Island. I love the blue:)

Last weekend, I went to Sepa Island with my friend Peeyutz and other diver friends. We were taking the advance certification, along with a guy taking his open water certification and our instructor. We did five dives, including the deep dive (more than 18 meters), night dive (exciting!) and wreck dive. 

I didn't take many photos, so I'd just jot down some excerpts of our conversations before, during and after the trip to give you insights on how weird divers can be when they have too much time on the ground (nitrogen narcosis, perhaps?). To protect the innocent, I'll use anonymous naming code:).

#1. Color-Coordinated Dive Gear
Diver A: I think you need to buy a wetsuit, because we're going to do the deep dive. It's going to be colder when we reach below 18 meter, I suppose.
Diver B: Oh look, there's one pink-striped wetsuit. But it won't match my mask, which is aquamarine-colored.
Diver A: Oh, come on. There'll be only fishes to watch you being not color-coordinated.
Diver B: What if I meet a gorgeous merman?
Diver A: -_-
2. Bad Navigation, Part 1
Diver A: OMG, I'm so nervous about the whole navigation things.
Diver B: Don't worry, I'll be your buddy
Diver A: And that makes me even more nervous.
Diver B: Hmm, really. -_-

#3. Bad Navigation, Part 2
Diver A: I don't have good navigation skills when I'm on the land. What about underwater? *starting to freak out*
Diver B: Don't worry, we can always ask the fishes.
Diver A: -_-

#4. Say What?
Day 1
Diver A: May I borrow your pen?
Diver B: Sorry, can you repeat that? I have hearing problem in my right ear, so I can't catch your words.
Diver A: Pen. *using sign language*
Diver B: Oh yeah. Here.
Diver A: Do you feel pain in your ear? If so, you should have it checked.
Diver B: Nah, I'll be ok. I just had water in my ear.
Day 2
Diver B: Hey, how's the dive going?
Diver C: What did you say? I can't hear you well
Diver A: Hmm. We should form a club titled Deaf Diver
Diver B&C: -_-

#5. Always Dive With A Diver Who Owns Underwater Camera (Narcissism At Its Best)
Instructor: Here are photos of you I took on our previous dive
Diver A: Wow, it's me over there.
Diver B: And it's me on the other photo. We looked good.
Diver A: So where are you going on your next trip, Sir? Will you take the camera? May we join you?
Instructor: -_-

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