Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snippets With New Boss

Starting January, I move to another division in TJaP, have Fith and Fan as my new colleagues, and a new boss, a British man with blond hair and blue eyes. He has lived in Indonesia for quite some time and masters good command of Bahasa Indonesia, but talking to him still brings to mind that he's not an Indonesian, and there is a possibility of culture shock. Below are just some conversations I've had with him.

#1. Different People Has Different Tastebud
Situation: My colleague Fith had a coughing fit. The blue-eyed boss offered a medicinal syrup for her. Let's call him by Blue-Eyed Editor (BEE).
BEE: Would you like to try this syrup? It really works, you know. But the taste is very, very, very bitter. Brrr.
Fith: Ummm, okay. I'll give it a try.
BEE: Here you are. You should prepare something sweet to drink afterwards. It's really bitter, just to remind you.
Fith: Ok, thanks.
After Fith took a spoonful of that syrup, I asked her if it was really bitter. Her reply? Not at all.

#2. How To Eat Tropical Fruit
Situation: We were discussing about fruit of the month. This month is all about the hairy fruit of rambutan.
BEE: When I came to Indonesia for the first time, I ate papaya with the skin.
Me: Really? Why would you do that? What happened afterwards?
BEE: I didn't know I was supposed to peel it. I had stomachache then.
Me: It's a good thing that it was papaya. What if it was durian?
BEE: -_-

#3. The Same Elaine
Situation: We were in a meeting with the HRD boss, discussing about the substitute for the current copy editor (who would soon embark on a meditative journey to India).
HRD Boss: I think Elaine will be the perfect substitute.
BEE: Oh yes! She has asked previously if she can work from home. Her husband is an Indonesian, so she'll be able to work in a long work contract period.
HRD Boss: Her husband is an Indonesian? Are we talking about the same Elaine?
Me, Fith and Fan: -_- 

#4. Just Buy Me A Car, Will You?
Situation: During a weekend, BE was editing my article. We had conversations through text messages and phonecalls.
Me: If you need me to come to the office, just let me know.
BEE: Nah, I'll be okay.
Me: Okay. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me.
BEE: A new car?
Me: -_-


  1. Hihi... this posting is so funny! I really like these sort of snippets you've written. Can't wait for others :D

  2. Thanks Wida. There will be more of these coming, because my new boss is funny and I can always see the funny sides of things:P