Thursday, February 9, 2012

Corridor XI TransJakarta

Fellow commuters, have you tried TransJakarta's Corridor XI (Pulogebang-Kp. Melayu)? Corridor XI is so far the corridor completed in such short time (perhaps less than 6 months, CMIIW). To build the corridor, the Jakarta administration cut down trees along the green belt on Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai.

We don't have Autumn/Fall season here, but once a year there are months when the trees shed the leaves it looks like Fall. As I cruise my daily commute to office, I always love the view along the street. Now such view does not exist anymore thanks to TransJakarta.

But looking on the bright side of things, now I have new means of transportation to reach office. As a Bekasi resident working in West Jakarta, I spend two hours from home to office. So it takes me four hours just for commuting. Having a new public transportation at hand, I quickly seized the chance to try the new corridor.

A few days ago, I tried the new corridor. The verdict? For me, using Corridor XI was less comfortable because there was no straight bus feeder to the TJ bus stop, I had to take two angkot rides to reach Perumnas Klender bus stop. Then I had to transfer two times: (1) from Corridor XI to Corridor VII (Kp. Melayu – Kp. Rambutan), hop off on Cawang BNN bus stop and transfer to (2) Corridor X (Pinang Ranti – Pluit). I'd rather take the Kalimalang route, hop off in Cawang and take the Corridor X. But again, trying on a new route to office is an adventure in its own. At least, for me:).

Here are the pictures I take during the ride on Corridor XI.

I climbed the stairs to Perumnas Klender bus stop, but when I turned back I saw this silver X sign on the tree, which was exactly in the center of the planks. This picture is the result of my OCD+symmetry-obsessed mind:P

Rusun (low cost housing) in Klender

Hey, that's my bus! Wait for me!

TransJakarta network map. The Jakarta administration will build 15 corridors, so let's hope we can use the other corridors ASAP. 

It is a narrow bus stop, indeed. Perhaps it's on a diet. Hmm.

The sign says do not stand. So perhaps we should sit on the floor.  Hahaha.

It's an articulated bus, which is two buses united by accordion-shaped joint

Oh my God, there's a trash bin in a TransJakarta bus! I must be seeing a unicorn, because it's such a rare sight:P

PS. Dear Bekasi administration, when will you follow the neighboring city and build the TransBekasi busway lane? We, Bekasi residents working in Jakarta, desperately need it. Sincerely, grumpy bus passenger.

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