Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Knows Not Boundary

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (photographer: Mitsuhiko Kawaguchi for My Shot National Geographic )

Hello sweeties, how was your day? While I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I feel that I've received so much blessings today. So today's post is a gratitude post:).

First, I finally submitted a scholarship application for a Master on environment-related study program. It's the first time for me to submit a hard copy application. Usually I looked up the internet and did everything online. I completed the application in just two days, including the reference letters (thank you, my lovely referees). I'm not really sure if my application can make it to the short list, but at least I had made the first step:). This year is for scholarship application. Gambatte kudasai! *wears the sunrise headband*

I hired an ojek driver to deliver the application in an effort to escape Jakarta's traffic. During the ride, he told me that his wife was undergoing a c-sectio in Budi Kemulyaan hospital. It's their first child and they don't have the money to pay the operation.

Later in the day, I gave Rp 50,000 note to kenek (bus driver assistant) to pay the Rp 2,000 bus fare. He refused it because he had no change. I fished out my coin purse, but the total money did not reach the fare. During the critical moment, a sweet voice from the next seat said,"It's ok, I'll pay for her fare." Thank you, the Samaritan Jakartan:).

Also, I attended an event of a hotel that gives 2.5 percent of its proceeds in business meeting packages to underprivileged students. During the event, the students gave wonderful angklung performance. They played two songs: Naik-naik ke Puncak Gunung and Burung Kakaktua. They were very cute, they really made my day:).

P.S. My other memorable Valentine's Day

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