Monday, July 26, 2010

Peranakan Padang Cuisines At Marco's Bofet

Everyone knows how spicy Padang cuisine is. I like it, but after having suffered paratyphoid fever several times, I always take precautious measures whenever eating out at a Padang restaurant. For those with weak stomach out there, I can fully recommend Marco's Bofet at Setiabudi One. The restaurant serves peranakan style of Padang cuisine as chef Marco is of Chinese descent. 

Peranakan is a term, referring to native-born Indonesians of mixed Indonesian and any foreign ancestry, commonly applied to those of Chinese descent. Since there are two cultures in the peranakan family, the cuisines are different to the common cuisines.

If you have never dined at a Padang restaurant, fear not oh my lovelies, for Marco's Bofet has several plasma screens that play videos on how to eat the cuisines. That being said, using your hands, of course.

The cuisine above is Dendeng Kering Lado Merah (thinly sliced, dried and spiced with red chili). It looks very spicy, but it is not. Love it!

That is Pete Kacamata (eyeglasses-shaped stinky bean). I always avoid stinky bean-based cuisine for it causes bad breath (yikes!), but I find it as a crunchy odorless treat. Definitely a must-try.
Two other must-try menus are Randang Itam (black beef stew) and Ikan Bilih Asok (spiced small fishes), which I forgot to photograph because they really were delicious and I couldn't stop munching and the last thing I knew, "oh dear, the plates were empty".

Gado-gado Padang (Padang version of mixed vegetable with peanut sauce). Love it too!

On the left is Kopi Padang (black coffee) and on the right is Teh Telok (tea with egg). I should post on how to make Teh Telok someday, it's so delicious!

And now, I have to leave you to get my lunch for this images are making me hungry.

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