Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kopi Tiam Oey on Jl. Sabang

I really like culinary expert Bondan Winarno.  I met him in person at an informal lunch and he's as nice as he is on Trans TV's Wisata Kuliner (Culinary Journey). He suggested menus for me (it was aglio olio), explained the ingredients and even put the food on my plate.

Therefore, when I read that he opened restaurant Kopi Tiam Oey on Jl. Sabang, I went to check it out. The premise has a friendly atmosphere. The menu is priced at, if I'm not mistaken, between Rp 10,000  (approximately US$1) and Rp 40,000. They have different menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've just made it to try their breakfast and lunch. The taste? They're delicious and what's more important, they come in the right price.  

(The meal) Nasi briyani and (the drink) Green cincau (jelly) with ginger

On Sundays, there is a special menu called Bubur Kambing Pekalongan (Pekalongan style mutton rice porridge), which I had with a small pitcher of wedang uwuh (herbal drink).

Nasi tim ayam

Nasi item

I definitely recommend the restaurant for a friendly meet-up. Kopi Tiam Oey also opens in Legian, Bali. Hmm, I wonder if the one in Legian has different menus.

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