Friday, March 9, 2012

Talking With The Boys...

...proves to be entertaining, because:

#1. They love their cars so much, it's so fun to irritate them with the thought of soiling the car
(Situation: it was during Idul Fitri holiday at my grandma's house in Kebumen, Central Java. Several cousins wanted to go to beach and we'd like to borrow Cousin BowWow's car. Well, it's his father's car actually, but he had been taking good care of the car, his father sometimes felt afraid to borrow it from him)
Cousine RYH (BowWow's older sister): Let's go to the beach!
Cousin BowWow: No thanks, I want to stay at home.
Cousine RYH: Then can we borrow the car?
Cousin BowWow: To the beach, with my car? No way! I just wash the car this morning.
(We all stood in a bee line and made sad faces)
Cousin BowWow: Argh. Ok. But remember to never put even a bit of sand into the car.

Did we have fun at the beach? Yes. Did we bring sands into the car? Yes, but it was inevitable. We cleaned the car afterwards, otherwise Cousin BowWow would disown us :D.

#2. They see fashion as a problem
(Situation: several colleagues had dinner time at the office, and the subject of our conversation was one of the colleagues' shirt, which was buttoned on the back. There was only one man among three women. Names are covered to protect the innocent.)
Woman 1: Your shirt is so cute, and it is buttoned on the back! Isn't difficult to wear it?
Woman 2: Yes, sometimes I ask help from the girl next door (she lives in a rented room- Ind. kost).
Man : I can never understand why women have outfits that are difficult to wear. Not only that the outfits are sometimes difficult to wear, they also difficult to take off.
Woman 3: Such as?
Man : The skinny jeans. For your information, it's so difficult to take off. Women should just wear skirt, they look lovely in it. Skirts are easy to wear, and easy to take off (smiled).
Woman 3: Thanks for the info. I'll bear that in mind the next time I go out with my boyfriend.

#3. They don't want to be seen holding hands
(Situation: two male colleagues were heading home on a motorcycle. Three women colleagues saw them)
Woman 1 : Safe driving. Hold tight.
Man 1      : What? There's no way I'm going to let him hold me tight.
Woman 2 : Why?
Man 1      : It's ok for women to hold hands, but men don't do that. It's just odd.
Woman 3 : Man 2, hold Man 1 tight!

Ah well, boys will always be boys:).

Girls, what's the funniest conversation you ever had with boys? Or if you're a boy, have you ever had funny conversation with girls? I'm dying to hear:).

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