Monday, March 26, 2012

Dealing With A Parental Tantrum Outburst

The conversations I have with M&D are not always funny. Sometimes M&D have the tantrum period that unleashes their drama king and queen personalities (or more likely the two-year-old!). Below is a sample of such situation.  

Saturday, March 17
M  : What's your plan today?
Me: Oh, I'll probably go to the Jatinegara station and order a ticket for the next long weekend (which will start on March 23. - Ed). I want to visit Grandma in Kebumen.
M  : Oh, OK.
(But that day I had to do my laundry and afterwards, I was too tired to go out. So I thought,"I'll go on Sunday" and went to sleep. Yep, I'm such a procrastinator. I'm not proud.)

Sunday, March 18
M  : Have you gone to the station?
Me: No, I'll go tomorrow *went back to sleep* (If you think I sleep a lot, you should replace me for one week and see how my work schedule messes up a 9-to-5 employee's sleeping schedule. Weekend is the time to recharge.)

Monday, March 19
I bought the tickets, and forgot to tell M about it because when I got home she told me about...hmm, somehow I forgot what she told me. But since I already told her on Saturday I figure that she knew that I'd be leaving the city on the weekend.

Tuesday, March 20
I arrived at home and saw M packing her traveling bag.
Me: Hi M, what's up?
M  : Grandma is ill. I want to go to Kebumen tomorrow.
Me: You don't have to go. I'll go on Friday. I already bought the tickets.
M  : Why didn't you tell me that you're going?
Me: I already did. On Saturday.
M  : But you didn't tell me you're going this Friday!
Me: I already told you last Saturday. Anyway, you won't be able to get any tickets because all tickets until March 22 are already sold out three weeks ago.
M  : You are always like that, hiding things from your parents. You should tell us at least a week before your departure. *grumbling ensues*
Me: *giving her a bear hug*

Wednesday, March 21
Entering the kitchen only to saw M's pouting face. Not a good sign to start the day.
M  : Why didn't you tell us you've bought the tickets three weeks ago? Why did you hide things from us? *grumbling ensues*
Me: Who said I bought the tickets three weeks ago? I bought them last Monday.
M  : You said that last night.
Me: No, M. I said the tickets until March 22 are already sold out three weeks ago. I bought tickets for March 23 last Monday. See, you were not listening. *giving her three rounds of a bear hug*

Sometimes it feels as if I'm the parent...

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