Friday, March 2, 2012

We Have Food On Our Mind

Since I've spent this week talking about food, I'd like to give you a glimpse of my daily conversation during the work hours, which pretty much involves food, food We never mean to be hilarious, we just love food so much. Enjoy! :)

#1. Cookie Diplomation
Situation: we were typing our articles, when Fem realized she was not connected to a specific server folder. There was an IT guy around, so she asked him to connect her to the folder. He refused, and I felt the urge to interfere, with my own way of course.
IT guy : Sorry, I can't open it now.
Me      : Oh my God, I forgot I had this Oreo biscuit. Do you want one?
IT guy : Oh, thanks
Me      : You can take two if you want.
IT guy : Oh, ok if you insist.
Me      : So, can you open the folder for Fem or not?
IT guy : Sure!
Fem     : -_-

#2. Chocolate Confusion
Situation: after I interviewed a source, she gave me a box of chocolate for my boss. Since it's already late, I went straight home. The next day...
Me   : Boss, I forgot to bring you the chocolate today. I'll bring it tomorrow, ok?
Boss : You just keep it, I don't really need the chocolate. I'm on a diet.
Then the next day...
Me   : I bring you the chocolate
Boss : I've been waiting for them!
Me    : -_-

#3. The New PR
Situation: during an event introducing the new F&B director of a hotel, one of the hotel's PR people got a question about the hotel's food promotion. A journo fellow was a bit too excited to help out with the information.
PR Person     : So this Chinese restaurant offers Cantonese dishes, such as ummm...
Journo Fellow: (mention the dishes)
Other Journo : And what about the weekend promo?
PR Person     : On Saturday we have a brunch promo, which features special dishes, such as ummm...
Journo Fellow: (mention the dishes)
Other Journo : (turns her head to Journo fellow) How many times have you eat here? How come you remember all the dishes?

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