Monday, March 19, 2012

Mini Jakarta In Ceramic

A miniature of Monas. Taken at Ceramic exhibition in Bentara Budaya Jakarta.

Hello sweeties, how was your weekend? Hope you had a great time. I had a cold so I spent my weekend staying at home, trying to get better by eating, drinking a lot of water and sleeping. 

This morning, I woke up a few hours before dawn feeling chilly as the wind blowing the curtain really hard. It was also raining cats and dogs. I put on the blanket and went back to sleep. This afternoon there was torrential rain at my office. Thanks God I was working indoor in this changing weather. How's the weather at your place?

Talking about indoor, I went to an art exhibition about Jakarta by ceramic artist Marhadi Widjaja a few days ago. The venue was at Bentara Budaya Jakarta, just several hundreds meters away from my office.The artist captures the dynamics of the city and features it through his miniature works. 

My colleague Fem observes 'an accident' taking place on the motorist lane

Some of his works feature the city's landmarks, such as Monas, Hotel Indonesia traffic circle and Pancoran area. But he also depicts the daily life in urban and rural areas through the works featuring TransJakarta busway and the paddy fields under the high-voltage aerial transmission cable (SUTET).

Pancoran area in ceramic miniature

Building a house

Placing the tiles

A corner at a traditional market

The exhibition was over last Saturday, sorry for the late posting. Do you like going to art exhibition? What kind of art exhibition attracts your attention?

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