Monday, October 21, 2013

So I Finally Bought Myself A Smartphone

Hello dear friends, how are things going? Despite the blog silence last week, I've been doing good. I got one day off for governmental joint leave on Oct. 14 because Oct. 15 was Idul Adha, so I decided to take things slowly. Afterall, my office is in the process of moving to the 20th floor.

After joining the new office for about two months and having been nagged by all colleagues (especially my boss NPM) to buy a smartphone that can Whatsapp (is that even a word?), I finally gave up and bought one. It was a hard decision to take, considering that I'm not a smartphone enthusiast (We'll see in the next 1-2 years :D). And no, it's not an iPhone as I wished, but a local brand. I'm all about function, but I have to say that the design is actually not bad.

While I was doing a survey on smartphone, I fell in love with this (because actor Joe Taslim is the brand ambassador *swoon*) and this (how can you not fall in love with this phone? Watching the ads makes my heart beating faster and me going, 'oooh, watch out for the water!'), but due to budget constraint I bought this

The urge to buy a smartphone was because of the following conversation:
Me: Anyone knows where Boss CO is?
TWA: His brother died, so he went to Solo for the funeral.
Me: Oh, I didn't know. Deepest condolences.
PAC: This is why you should buy a smartphone. We share this information on Whatsapp.
Me: Ouch.

And this one (which took place, like, everyday in the past seven weeks):
NPM: Have you bought any smartphone?
Me: Not yet
NPM: Why? What took you so long?
Me: I want to enjoy the blissful moments before you start Whatsapping me everyday
NPM: -_- I won't do that. Anyway, you only need a simple smartphone, like S*ms*ng Ch*t
Me: No way, I'm anti-mainstream
NPM: -_-

So, anyway, I came to office on Wednesday morning to show off my new phone to Boss NPM. Here's what happen:

Me: Boss, I got myself a smartphone.
NPM: (Typing on his laptop) Hmm, that's good. (Glance and stop typing) Wait a minute, you're wearing a skirt today! You look great. (Note from the editor: I usually wear pants)
Me: Euh, okay, thanks.
NPM: I have an idea, every female employee should wear a skirt on Monday.
Me: Boss, today is Wednesday, not Monday.
NPM: Oh yeah, you're right (Resume typing)
Me: -_-

Moral of the story: Instead of buying a smartphone, perhaps I should just buy more skirts?

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