Monday, October 7, 2013

Teguh And Wulan's Wedding

That photo summed up last Sunday: the wedding of Cousin Teguh and cousin-in-law Wulan went well. I got an assignment to take care of the mahar (dowry), so I couldn't take many photos. However, Cousin Dina and I managed to steal the newlyweds for a few seconds and snapped that photo:D.

Below are some funny moments during the day.

#1. The Pre-Wed Tension 
Situation: the pre-wedding tension is not something that only attacks the bride, but also the groom
CIL Dondi: Father, I need to borrow your car keys to get the pillows
Uncle Dayat (Teguh's father): (handing out the car keys) Here
Cousin Teguh: We have pillows in our car?
CIL Dondi: Relax, just memorize your wedding oath and let us do the rest. Here's the walkie-talkie to calm you down.

#2. Evil Elevator
Situation: The mosque, where the akad nikah took place, was situated on the second floor and with all the long fabric we're wearing we took the elevator. We were waiting for the bride in front of the mosque when the videocameraman suddenly had the inspiration to shoot the groom and parents walking out of the elevator and moved towards the mosque. 
Videocameraman: Ok, ready and start!
Cousin Teguh: (as he walked out of the elevator, the elevator doors were closing and hitting him on the shoulders) 
Everyone: (laughs)
Cousin Riska (Teguh's big sister): Oh my God, this reminds me of a scene in Srimulat (comedy group). I think we'll remember this shoot for the rest of our lives (wipes tears from laughing)

#3. The Other Bride
Situation: And after we're done with the shooting, the bride came out of the elevator.
Someone: Guh, you're not supposed to look at her before the ceremony. Divert your gaze.
Cousin BowWow (Teguh's big brother): Wait a minute, bro, that's not Wulan (the bride), but another woman.
Cousin Teguh: (panic) What?! Really? Let me look.

#4. Where's My Husband?
Situation: after all the parents put on their wedding uniforms and make up.
Aunt Tini: Do you happen to see my husband?
Me: He's right over there.
Aunt Tini: (narrowing her eyes to see better) But he looks...different. Or perhaps it's the blangkon.

Wishing you a blessed marriage with lots of happiness, laughter and children, Cousin Teguh&Wulan:).

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