Thursday, October 24, 2013

Indonesian Men Appreciation Post

Just for fun, I compiled several delicious good-looking Indonesian men for you to devour gawk at in this cloudy day. This is what good-looking means in my dictionary, so they may not be to your liking :).

Joe Taslim

Photo found here

He may be known as a former judo athlete, a commercial star or an antagonist in Fast and Furious 6, but for me, he will always be the Sgt. Jaka of The Raid. Those eyes are killing me!

Donny Alamsyah

Donny Alamsyah also plays in The Raid. I met Donny in an event and then pretended that I had a list of questions for him so that I could interview him while trying to calm down my heart beat (hahaha!). He's about my height but he pays for what he lacks in height with his charm. He likes traveling the less-beaten paths and sometimes tweets about his experience (that photo above is from his Twitter account). During the interview, the DJ turned up the volume of the music and we had to yell to each other. He leaned over and... whispered the answer to my ear. My heart almost jumped out of the rib cage, I thought he was going to kiss me (I wish!).

Ario Bayu

From here

He's an actor, a musician and...oh well, just google him up, will you? I love looking at his facial features, which can be intriguing at times. He could pass as a Javanese, a Sumatran of Arab descent or a Moluccan. Just marry me, lovely boy :).