Friday, January 6, 2012

This Weekend Is For Your Family And Friends

With friends from former office. I read a nice reminder today: "If you fail in life, your boss/client won't be the person to offer a helping hand but your family/friends will do."

A friend of mine passed away today. She was 32. Her name is Murti Indarti, but I call her Iin. In fact, I posted photos of us when she went to Jakarta, just a few months ago. I learned about her death through her friend's status on Facebook. I was really shocked.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun. May you get the best place on His side, dear Iin.

Time is a mystery, indeed. Who would have guessed that it was my last time seeing her? What if I let my hectic work got the best of me and I passed up the chance to meet up with her that time? I'm never good at making resolutions but starting today, I will try not to pass any chance to meet family and friends, because you will never know if you ever see them again.

And so, this weekend may be a good time to start it. Tonight, I have a small reunion with colleagues from my previous workplace. On Saturday afternoon, my CCF friends invite me for a free movie date and at night, there's a plan for karaoke with my journo friends. And I may bake a cake with M on Sunday (Let's hope the cake turns out fine).

Do you have any fun plan this weekend? Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


  1. Similar belief like me, Tif. But maybe I was in a bit different situation like you. For many many times, I thought that works had stolen many things from me - my precious time with myself, with my parents, sisters & nieces, and with my friends. How I succumbed to works and forgot almost everything. Like you said: it's not your bosses who will be there when you're sick or in a trouble. So, why would I spend my lifetime for those people who don't even have any real meaning to my life? So, I made a promise to myself after I resigned from JP last time: I have to spend more time with my family and friends. and with my inner-self. and with Him.
    Kerja itu gak ada abisnya, they say, and that's true. I am so happy I've committed to this promise until today. And with you, nous avons un rendez-vous demain, oui??? hehee... see you tomorrow Tif! we'll sing those sadness away in the karaoke room!!! hehehe

  2. yes, i will also try to spend more time with Him. fighting! gambatte! jai ho! *halah