Monday, October 24, 2011

With Iin

Hello, sweeties! How was your weekend? Last week, I bumped into my university friend Iin. She lives in Surabaya, East Java, and only stays a few days in Jakarta for work. When was the last time you met your long-lost old friend?

I was on my way to my assignment and made a left turn, then I saw her. That meeting was really unplanned, just like the scenes of sinetron (Indonesia's the soap operas). But then a lot of things in my life are happening when I least expect them.

This is actually her third visit to Jakarta. I kinda scolded her for not telling me about her visit. She said that she did not know my new cellphone number. Well, it was true. The last time we met was during our wisuda (graduation ceremony), which was eight years ago! And I changed my cellphone number seven years ago.

Being a visitor to the capital could be a daunting experience, and she did admit that she was a bit afraid to walk the streets of Jakarta without company, so I offered her a walk around the city during her short sojourn.

At her hotel

These moments are presented to you by Fuji MPix and Pentax K-X :)

I dragged her to Hotel Indonesia traffic circle on Sunday morning. I love this photo because she is  caught off guard and the background shows the dynamics of Jakarta: the fast-paced TransJakarta bus and the people on bikes 

Making silly faces with Photobooth

Have a happy Monday, people!


  1. kangen Iin.... salam ya kalo masih ketemuan... kmrn aku main ke pasar Senen Tif...

  2. Aku terakhir ketemuan Iin hari Minggu kemarin, nyeret dia ke bunderan HI, foto2 bentar, terus dia lgsg cabut ke bandara dan aku lgsg ngantor, hehehe. Ke Senen belanja apa Ai?