Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Canteen At Aksara

I met up with my friends at Canteen in Pacific Place last week. We had a small talk and a big lunch. Since I haven't blogged about food for quite some time, I guess it's time to catch up:). 

The restaurant was located inside and outside bookstore Aksara. The inner area is for smokers, while the non smoking can sit in the outer area. For me the area arrangement is nonsense because the fume will enter the air condition system and be distributed to the whole building. The Jakarta administration already regulate that no building should allow smoking area inside, but they just turn a blind eye to this violation. Hmph!

The ambiance was ok. Anyone who've been to Aksara must fall in love with the place. Aksara is the bookstore for the cool kids, so Canteen is the restaurant for the cool lady who lunches:). The taste? Wonderful. The prices? Well, my friend insisted it was on her. So I couldn't complain. But if I must have lunch in PP a week prior to the pay day, I would have picked another place. 

Here are some photos of the food there.


 Lasagna bolognaise

 We had tea. I ordered green tea sencha, my friend had English Breakfast.

Another friend came and ordered this menu, basically a sausage wrapped in a pancake

Our dessert for share: banana pancake. Yum.

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