Monday, October 10, 2011

Questions People Ask When I'm On Leave

OOT: A friend sent me this snack while I was on leave. Yum. Thanks dude.

1. "Why are you taking leave? Are you going to hold marriage proposal ceremony?"
Umm, I'll let you know when I'm back. Hahaha.

2. "Are you getting married?"
Guys, that would require different leave form.

3. "Why are you going on holiday on your own?"
Umm, why can't I?

4. "So you're going on your own because you don't have boyfriend, right?"
And what if I don't?

Can't a single girl have a peaceful holiday without getting such annoying questions? Hahaha. Have you ever get these questions? How do you answer it?

Anyway, I'm back from my holiday. Will soon post the photos. Have a nice day, people!


  1. ckckck, liburan gak ngajak2 iiiih

  2. maafkeun. itu bener2 keputusan yg diambil buru2. eh rencana kita ke tidung gimana ya?

  3. Tidung masih dalam progress, karena kayaknya sepupuku banyak yang mo ikut... hm, lagi usaha nyari yang semurah mungkin, haha... ada info???

  4. nanti aku tny dulu temenku yg udah pergi ke sana ya.