Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Photos And Tips On Belitung

Of all fast food restaurants, why is KFC the only one I found in Tanjung Pandan?

1. Bring your cash in small value (Rp 10,000 or Rp 20,000 would be great). I brought Rp 100,000 notes with me and the only place that could give change was Puncak supermarket in Tanjung Pandan. As for ATM machine, I saw the ones of BCA, BNI and Bank Mandiri. 

Tourist information board found at an empty road in Sijuk. I think there should be more of this board because the locals always look confused whenever we ask about the tourism spots. I was surprised to read that it's made by Gadjah Mada University students. Seriously?

2. We always ask the locals about the beautiful places and the local delicacies, but they always look confused. If you come to Belitung without travel agency, you should do extensive research before you go to know what places you want to see. Perhaps the administration should educate the locals to appreciate their nature and culture.

Octogram-shaped symbols

3. Most people in Belitung speak with a bit of Melayu accent, the people of Chinese descent can talk in Mandarin. Try to imitate them. If you're from Java, rather than addressing the men and women with "Mas" and "Mbak", call them with "Abang" and "Kakak".   

Death announcement at a temple is using Chinese alphabet. 

4. Belitung is not Bali, that's for sure. Don't expect to have the same facilities like in Bali. In some cottages and hotels, the guests share bathrooms, and some bathrooms use squat toilets, not seat toilets. But the good thing is, Belitung has lower prices compared to Bali and the people are very helpful and friendly. 

Our hotel is located near this market

5. The water in Belitung is not clean. If you have sensitive skins or prone to allergies, you'd better bring the medicine with you. There are many apothecaries in Tanjung Pandan, but it takes us a few stops until we found the medicine Aneen needed to cure the rashes.

Fishermen at Burung Mandi beach

6. One thing for sure: it's your holiday. Just enjoy whatever happens during the sojourn and stop worrying:).

Villa Lor-In in Tanjung Tinggi. Not our hotel, by the way:P

View from Villa Lor In

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