Monday, October 17, 2011

Gadget, Socmed And My Parents

#1. Situation: M&D were sitting on the porch, sipping tea and typing text message in their cellphone. I came and sat with them.
M   : Why don't you buy a new cellphone, honey?
Me : Why is that? *suspicious*
M   : So I can use your old cellphone, mine is starting to break down.
Me : Why don't you buy a new cellphone?
M   : Why should I? I only use cellphone for calling and texting, I don't need a fancy one. I can use yours. *grins*

#2. Situation: during which I tell my parents about news of my cousins I read on Facebook. 

Tangent: if you're my cousin and you read this, hmm it's time to be cautious about all those 'galau' status you put on social media because I'm stalking you, muahahaha. Ok, ignore the tangent and proceed to the conversation.

M   : Wow everyone seems to be on Facebook these days.
Me : That's right.
M   : Hey, I'd like to have a Facebook account too.
Me : You don't need a Facebook account because your friends don't have it. So who you're going to befriend?
M   : Well, I can befriend you.
Me : We meet everyday. If you have any question, you can just ask me. Besides, whatever I put on Facebook, it is not the real me. It's my freaking crazy alter ego.

Another tangent: Do you befriend your parents on Facebook? Well, a friend does befriend her mother on Facebook. As a result, her mother always comments on everything my friend posts on Facebook. Poor kid. Moral of the story: never teach your parents about socmed and never approve them as your friends.

#3. Situation: after we received a sad news on the passing of my father's brother.
M  : Let's inform this to other families *grabs cellphone and starts to type*
D   : Read it to me
[M reads the message loudly.]
D   : Add this sentence [saying the words]. Now read it to me
[M reads the message again]
D   : Give me the cellphone. See, you're missing on something here *starts to correct the sentence*
[Ten minutes later, he gasps]
M   : What happens?
D   : I accidentally erase the whole message. Now I have to type everything from beginning.

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