Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Few Photos On Universitas Terbuka

A few weeks ago, I had an interview with the rector of Universitas Terbuka (Open University), Indonesia's 45th state university that employs open and distance learning. Located near Pondok Cabe airport, the university aims on educating people who for various reasons, such as lack of funding or rural isolation, do not have the opportunity to attend conventional face-to-face higher education institutions.

The rector was very nice, and the interview was interesting. But rather than talking about my work, I just want to post some photos I took there.

The university's logo

I was taken to the university's warehouse that keeps books to be send to students in far-flung regions

Some of the books

The green sidewalk

Flowers bloom along the sidewalk

Trivia: Universitas Terbuka has around 600,000 students across Indonesia and the globe. Some 80 percent of them are teachers who are taking their undergraduate degrees in order to comply with the teacher certification program. The university also has some 1,000 migrant workers as students, they mostly take English and Management. Wow. Go Indonesian migrant workers!

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