Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Walk Into Beijing's Narrow Alley

Hello sweeties, how was your weekend? By now, you must be wondering why I haven't wrote a post on  Beuticanar Mount. Since it was an assignment from my office, it's only fair if I publish it here after my office does. So just wait, ok?

Meanwhile, allow me to take you to People's Republic of China, particularly Beijing and Shanghai. This month last year, I was assigned to Beijing to attend Indonesian Week. After covering the events and interviewing the bigwigs, my colleagues and I had a chance to walk around and feel the beat of the city.

We knew that visits to Great Wall and Forbidden City were on the schedule for the next day, so we decided to do something else.We went to a hutong, a type of narrow alley formed by traditional courtyard residences usually found in Beijing.

It was Lishi hutong we visited and below are several photos taken during our walk there.

You can read the published article at The Jakarta Post (here and here) or ANN Magazine.

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