Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Get Around Beijing

It is so easy and cheap to explore the China's capital as Beijing has grid town plan. So, as long as you have a map in your hand, you can just go on foot and you'll be allright. But if your destination is quite far, there are so many ways to go around the city.

1. Subway

Since Indonesia has yet to have this mass transportation, I really made good use of my time to try all the subway lines. You know what? You can switch from Line 1 to Line 2 to Line 3 and so on, and you only pay 2 Yuan (1 Yuan is Rp 1,500 at that moment)! So cheap! Even cheaper than Jakarta's busway fare.

2. Bus

It's a bit difficult for me to try this mass transportation because the route was not mention as clear as the subway. However, during my quest to get to 798 Art Zone, I got on board. And it only costs 1 Yuan! Public transportation is such an affordable thing here.

3. Bicycle

I didn't get the chance to try this during my stay. Too bad. Because there are many bike rentals around. I even found one that only charges 5 Yuan per hour!

4. Bajaj-like vehicles

The vehicles really got my attention when I first saw them on the roads. They look like bajaj. What's even funny is the passenger's seats. Sometimes the passengers sit sideways, sometimes the seats face to the back.

5. Taxi

If you want to ride taxi in China, make sure you have the address in Chinese letters. Because (a) the drivers can't understand anything we say, and, (b) most of them can't understand the Roman alphabet. During my stay there, I would carry my hotel namecard and show it to the driver.

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