Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jakarta, Aku Cinta Kamu*

* means Jakarta, I Love You

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Have you watched "Paris Je T'Aime"? The 2006 production movie tells about the love stories in Paris's 20 districts (The movie only portrays 18 districts, but who's noticing?). I love the movie as it shows that each district has its own identity. The movie is later made into series with "New York I Love You" already being released last year. Rumor has it that the next city is Rio de Janeiro.

So I was thinking: why don't we make a version of that film? Paris has 20 districts, while Jakarta has 44. So we can have twice as much story ideas compared to "Paris Je T'Aime".

Let's start from Cipayung, a district in East Jakarta known as the training base for our badminton athletes.  The love story there can go like this: a young man is tossing shuttlecocks by himself. Then suddenly, one of the shuttlecocks fly back at him. 

A love story in Menteng should take place in Menteng Park. Perhaps a man with a DSLR camera notice a girl sitting by the fountain and takes her pictures secretly (It happened to me once).

For Tanah Abang district of Central Jakarta, we can portray one of the thugs there falling in love with the textile and then he opens his own textile shop. Hmm, that would be hilarious.

To learn more about the 44 districts in Jakarta, you can click here.

Happy birthday, Jakarta!

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