Tuesday, June 29, 2010

798 Art District

Many people come to China to marvel at its ancient classics, but a visit to 798 Art District, which features works of contemporary Chinese artists, is a must, even if you're not an art buff.

Located in Chaoyang district of Beijing, it houses thriving artist community and is often compared with New York's Greenwich Village or SoHo.
My colleagues and I spotted it on the Beijing map we got from the hotel. After some googling, we decided to give it a try. It was a long trip, with us changing subway three times, got on a bus and walked for endless hours. But when we got there, I just knew that it was worth the trip.

The area is often called the 798 Art District or Factory 790, although technically Factory #798 is only one of several structures within a complex formerly known as Joint Factory 718. The buildings are located inside alleys number 2 and 4 on Jiuxianqiao Lu, south of the Dashanziqiao flyover.

There are many activities you can do at 798 Art District. 

You can see the paintings and other artworks, that's for sure.

But you can also listen to them.

Or make them yourself. 

Or watch people making art.

You can even be part of the art, since artworks are not only found inside some 120 galleries in the place but they are also scattered along the way.

 If you zoom the picture above, you will notice that each brick has a picture of a worker. I'm totally loving it!

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