Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...And These Telenovelas Too

Since I've started this week with J-Dorama, it's only fair if I also write about another pastime activities in the past, which was watching telenovelas (South American soap operas). So telenovelas lovers, this post goes for you! 

If I'm not mistaken, some of the first telenovelas are from Brazil (Escrava Isaura, and Little Missy), then Mexican production flooded the screen, such as Wild Rose, Esmeralda, Marimar,  Betty La Fea, Carita de Angel, etc.

One thing about these telenovelas is they're addictive. Once you watch the first episode, you will be glued to the end. My auntie insisted to watch Cassandra when she visited us. I really liked Marimar's soundtrack, I taped it. One of my indekost friends vowed that she would named her son Alvaro after she watched Esmeralda. Halah.

Several telenovelas were stopped before it ended, such as Isamar and Terra Nostra.  I wonder how the story ends. 

Most of telenovelas' plots are about love, either forbidden or unrequited. Usually one of the characters will either suffer temporary blindness, amnesia or paralyzed in the middle of the story. 

The most entertaining thing about telenovela was the overly dramatized dialog.
"Who are you? Who am I? I can't remember anything."
"I'm blind, Fernando. I'm blind!!!"
"But I love you, Rosalinda. Please don't leave me."

The telenovela I remembered most was La Picara Sonadora (The Dreaming Girl/Gadis Pemimpi). The 1991 production was a love story of Lupita Lopez (Mariana Levy) and Alfredo Rochild (Eduardo Palomo). 

Found here
Lupita, a law student, lives with her uncle in the Sares department store, where she works by day as a  salesgirl in the toy department and  her uncle works by night as the  security guard. She writes down the things she "borrows'' from the store in a little book so that she can repay it when she finishes her studies. One day she met a handsome guy (Alfredo), whom she thinks applying for a job. 

Why I like it? Because I'd love to imagine myself living in a department store and walking at night amidst the goods. I once hoped to be locked up inside Gramedia so that I could tear the plastic cover and read all those manga comics. 

B-Channel is airing the latest interpretation of Little Missy. Ahh, I can only hope that someone in the television company has the initiative to re-run La Picara Sonadora. (And  please air it on Sundays?)
How about you? Do you have any favorite telenovelas?


  1. I like La Picara Sonadora too,,,
    I hope it will replay on television.
    I miss to watch that telenovela.

  2. Unfortunately, the TV is flooded by Korean dramas nowadays. They follow the trend. But let's hope one of the TV producer reads this post and our comments :).