Monday, October 9, 2017

Cafes In Tebet

As I've mentioned before, Tebet has a wide array of cafes, restaurants and hang out places. Deciding on which one to try is hard, but here are some of the cafes I have tried. These are just my two cents, and they should not stop you from trying the cafes.

Location: Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo No.45, Tebet

Kopi Buatan Istri

I love Kopi Buatan Istri, the iced coffee with milk that is served in a bottle. Kopi Buatan Istri means the wife-brewed coffee. Whoever's wife she is, she's doing a good job. It makes me feel like a badass girl drinking beer straight from the bottle. It's only Rp 20.000, and you can bring home the bottle.

Kopi Dangdut and Donat Mamak

I've tried Kopi Dangdut too, but for me, it's more acidic than Kopi Buatan Istri.

Pasta Besok Pulang and Soken

As for the food, I've sampled Pasta Besok Pulang (spaghetti bolognaise, me like), fish and chips (hmm, this dish is just so-so in my opinion) and Donat Mamak (most fulfilling snack in the place). If you're really hungry, I would suggest you go to a nearby eatery instead of this cafe.

The cafe has a nice ambiance for work, and there is a praying room and toilet. The best thing about this cafe is you can have a glass (or more) of water for free. Also, this cafe separates the smoking area with non-smoking, which is wonderful! I love this cafe.

Yellow Truck Coffee
Location: Jl. Tebet Raya No. 27, Tebet

I've been passing this cafe on my way to work/to train station, so one night I decided to stop by and try something. So far, I've just tried its Es Kopi Balok (block iced coffee), which is ice block coffee poured with milk. The coffee tastes good. I would come again to try other java.

There is a dedicated smoking area, the Wi-fi is not bad and electricity sockets are available to work on laptops. I also like that it is quite quiet during my visit.

Barista-cashier area

Es Kopi Balok. Before the milk is poured over.

After the milk is poured over.

Location: Jalan KH Abdullah Syafi'ie No. 1, Tebet

I stepped into this cafe when it suddenly rained. A step into this cafe transported me from the hustle and bustle of Jl. Abdullah Syafei to a quiet low-ceiling cafe with a dim lighting. 

The cafe has a mix of retro and garage-style interior, with telephone cable roll turned into tables, square wooden tables that are paired with iron-and-wood chairs. A dresser with round edges stands near the wall, holding a vinyl player that plays 80s-90s songs.

Vintage dresser

There is a bar table by the window for people who want to be on their own. People typed in their laptops while sipping their cup of java and smoking cigarette (!) when I was there. For me, cigarette smoke is the biggest turn off in any eatery or cafe. Therefore, I must say, no matter how good the coffee is, I probably would not come to this place again.

And by the way, the coffee is good.  The house blend is a mix of coffee beans from Java. I only had a hot cappuccino, but it was a good one.

A cup of hot cappuccino at Kopikina

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