Monday, October 23, 2017

Ten Things On What, When, How And Why I Talk (In Real Life Or Chat Engines)

I had to do a presentation in front of 300 colleagues nationwide. My facial expression says it all: uncomfortable :P

A schoolmate from primary school era reached out to me, after I joined the Whatsapp group, asking me why I never commented in the group. My first thought was,"I had to respond to every post in the WA group? Is that obligatory?" 

The said friend noticed that I had always been a quiet girl since primary school and he never knew how to get me talking. The problem was he tried to engage me talking in a big group, while I am more comfortable talking in small group. Big groups tire me out. There is a word for me: introvert.

I still don't talk much, but I know at least 10 things that could get myself talking, no alcohol included. Here they are without further ado:

1. I enjoy deep, thought-provoking discussion on any topic. I also enjoy small talk, as long as it's genuine and well-meant.

2. I don't talk to people in the first place unless I feel comfortable with the person/the group/the topic

3. Despite my work-loaded schedule, I would respond to people who has confidence and purpose. 

People who ask,"Am I interrupting your work?" as their opening line would likely receive a flat,"Yes, a bit" answer from me. If you have been out of contact and then suddenly contact me during office hour, of course I would be busy, everyone would be busy, so why did you ask? If you contact me, prepare your questions and figure out your purpose, because I don't really enjoy small talk (OMG, I sound like a nasty news source, but this is actually an emphasis to number #1).

4. Being a busy person myself, I would not talk to you if I know you're busy

5. Nevertheless, sometimes I go out of my way and still talk to a busy person, if I really care about that person

You know who you are :).

6. I prefer writing to talking

I guess it is obvious, I wouldn't keep this blogs if I like it the other way around. Also, I think it is the reason why I don't talk much.

Tangent: If anyone decide to write me a letter, for the love of God, please pay attention to grammar and punctuation marks, and please be concise.

7. I talk more after a meal/a drink.

Buy me a bowl of noodle or a cup of coffee, maybe? Hahaha just kidding, I can buy my own food/drink, alhamdulillah. But seriously, I'm much more calm and opened after a meal. If it's in a party setting, you can also try talking to me at the food stations.

8. If we have been out of contact for a long time, introduce yourself to me.

I am not an elephant, I forget things. There have been situations where unknown numbers contacting me with a,"Don't you remember me?" opening line. It may work for Adele, but it certainly doesn't work for me. Such phonecall or text message would not be answered and be put under spam.

9. If you are newly introduced to me and start asking me questions about me, may I ask that you don't repeat  the same questions?

Unless you have a short-term memory loss, repeating your questions would mean that you didn't hear my previous answer. If you didn't understand my answer, you can ask me to elaborate. But if you're asking the same question (no paraphrasing), then I would give you the same answer. I'm not a mind reader, I would not know if you don't understand unless you tell me.

10. For me, respect is reciprocal. If you give me respect, I will definitely do to. And that is how I would talk to you.

Some people may perceive some of those as anti-social articles for a communication person. But those are the things that get me talking.

What things that get you talking?

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