Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Work Interview Stories

Not exactly a photo on work interview. Taken during the TRF-IFAD fellowship in February 2011.

I have forgotten my first work interview, I couldn't even remember which office it was. But I do remember the anxious feeling leading up to the interview time. I was too preoccupied with wearing the correct workwear and body language. As you could guess, I did not get the job. I did get better in the next work interviews, practice does make perfect.

This post is not about how to answer the work interview questions, but more about some work interview situation that could happen to you. The following are excerpts of colleagues' work interview stories, as they told me. The colleagues work in not-for-profit organizations/projects (which usually last for five years at the most), so their answers may not suitable for a profit organization's employee.

On Answering One of The Questions

Interviewer (I): Why do you want to resign from your current workplace? (Note from the editor: another type of this question is,"why do you want to apply this position?")
Job Applicant (JA): I applied this job before I got accepted at my current workplace. Also, my current workplace will be closed in the next 6 months. I would like to work in long term, I like it long.
--My comment: You said that last sentence to the male interviewer, and with a heavily-coded smile, didn't you? The comment needed no answer as my colleague grinned sheepishly.

On Dealing With Stress

I: So how do you deal with stress at workplace?
JA: I have this Whatsapp group called 'Lotte Discount Group', and the members often give updates on the latest discounted products. It has
I: How is that helping with the stress?
JA: Oh, the members are so funny, you should read our conversation yourself.
--And then I cut JA's story,"Wait a minute, you showed the interviewer the Whatsapp conversation?" I need to be panic here, because I am one of the group's members.

On Being Ignored By The Future Supervisor During The Interview

Situation: A colleague attended an interview invitation, in which the interview team consisted of one HR person and the future supervisor. While the HR person led the interview nicely, the future supervisor's mind seemed to be elsewhere as the said person brought laptop and a glass of coffee to the table, and didn't look into my colleague's face.
HR Person: Do you have any questions? (about to conclude the session)
JA: I just want to comment. I come here today before I respect the interview invitation. I allocated my precious time and spent money on transportation to come here. But I felt that my future supervisor did not respect it. I can not work with that kind of person. Thank you for the interview, but I don't think we can work together.
HR Person: I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time. (he was surprised by my colleague's brave move)
--I was almost getting a heart attack upon hearing this story, particularly on my colleague's comment. But if you already have more than 10 years of work experience, you know which office/work environment that suit your personality. And you would do as my colleague did. I know I would.

Do you have any weird interview experience? 

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