Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Trip To Mirit Beach

It has become the norm that whenever cousine Dina and I went to Kebumen to visit Grandma, we always explore the potential tourist sites, either the cave or the beach. Talking about beach, Kebumen, which lies on Java's southern coast of Java, has many of them.

We have seen Petanahan beach, Ayah beach and Bocor beach. So this time, we decided to go to Mirit beach. We took the public transport (it was a minibus) to Kutowinangun then hopped off at Gentan (just ask the driver that you want to go to Mirit). From Gentan, we took a public minivan that dropped us at a T-intersection. We walked to the Balai Desa and then made a left turn. If you're not sure, try to find locals and ask them:).

Below are the photos during the walk to the beach.

 We saw many cows

 The attack of the lambs

The sky was so blue

The horizon looks like a mirage

The beach has no tourist. It's like a private beach.

Wearing red shirt, pink hijab, red umbrella, and the photo is taken by my red camera:)

Oh, crab! *pronounce it in Spongebob Squarepants-style*

After such a long walk under the scorching sun, es dawet ireng is a nice treat. 

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