Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox?

Ever since I was a kid, M&D never gave me pocket money. They could just give me that, but they wanted me to appreciate money and home-cooked food. So I usually brought lunchbox to school. Some schoolmates didn't really get why I never ate at the school's cafetaria. They thought I was being stingy.

Now that I'm an adult and earn my own money, I still keep my habit of bringing the lunchbox. Since M always prepares the food, I don't have the heart to leave home without the lunchbox. She will be sad if that happens.

Then I entered TJaP. I found that besides me, there were three cubreporters bringing lunchboxes. So we formed The Lunchbox Club:). When we entered newsroom, The Lunchbox Club was officially disbanded due to our busy schedule. Four years later, two have resigned and one lives in a rented room near the office so she no longer brings lunchbox. And I still bring my lunchbox with me:).

A few weeks ago, I told M that I'd like to see some colors in my lunch menu. Here are some of her creations:). 

Yellow rice (made with turmeric)

Purple rice (made from purple sweet potato)

 Someday, I want to make my own lunchbox, and make them looking like these. So cute!

  Found in NY Times.


  1. Ah, yes, I was part of the club. But, you must know, Tifa, every time I work at office after returning from my parents' home in Tangerang, I also bring home-made meals my Mum or elder sister have cooked. But I no longer use a lunch box because: 1. I often forget to bring them back home to Tangerang, resulting in less and less supply of lunch boxes there. 2. Somehow I like better if the food are wrapped in that brown paper (u know what I mean).

    Btw, u've changed this blog appearance? I like it; somehow it looks nicer :)

  2. We should form the Lunch in Brown Paperbag Club then:)

    Thanks, I'm thinking to change my blog header too. I just haven't found the right design. Any idea?