Monday, May 2, 2011

Funny Flowchart On Royal Wedding

Happy Monday, sweeties! How was your weekend? I took my Vietnam friend Nhung and her friends to the Old Town and other tourist sites. It's nice to walk around and show off my city to my friends. More photos to come:).

Anyway, I'm just curious if you watched the royal wedding last Friday? I had to interview labors for the May Day article, so I was on the field all day. But if I was at the office, I would be forced to see it, since almost every TV channels aired the wedding.

I found this funny flowchart as I went blogwalking the other day. How far do you go through the flowchart? I stop on the first question, hahaha.
Found here


  1. Bwahahah... yes indeed that is a creative, hilarious flowchart! Thx for sharing :D