Saturday, May 14, 2011

See You Next Week!

Well, hello blogs! *wiping the dust and cleaning up the spiderwebs* Sorry for the quiet week. I've been putting all my efforts to finish this week's assignments so I can have one day of leave next week because I'm going to visit my grandma. Although I only take one day, I'll have four days off, thanks to the Waisak day on May 17, oh yeah! 

Before leaving the city, let's look at what we can do here for this weekend:)

As I mentioned last week, there's World Book Day Indonesia 2011. This weekend, there are workshops, movie screening and so many more. So come and have fun:)

This weekend will also see the start of Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival. Now that I'm not in Sunday desk, I need a stronger motivation to go to Kelapa Gading. 

And I'll leave you with a slogan I read somewhere in the internet: "Behind the healthy weekend, there lies the powerful weekdays."

Have a healthy weekend!

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