Monday, May 23, 2011

Letters For Grandma

In this e-mail century, do you still write letters?

I write letters only for Grandma as she has lost her hearing ability since her forties and has problems with gadgets. She's in her 80s, going on to 90s and despite her hearing problem, her mind is as clear as a sky after the rain. She cooks her own food and still haggles for stuffs she intends to buy. She's amazing.

Last weekend, I visited her and found her recovering from a skin allergy. One of her first questions was,"Your mother told me you went to Vietnam. Why didn't you write to me? By the way, I got the postcard you sent me from South Korea." 

Ouch. I'm guilty as charged. I didn't write to her when I went to Rome either. Those trips had such busy schedules I didn't have time to even send a postcard. Since I brought my laptop, I played the slideshow for her. She was very excited to see the photos.

Anyway, below are some conversations cousine Dina and I had, or we tried to have, with her. 

Grandma (G): Where are you going?
Me: I'm going to the beach.
G: You're going to market?
Me: No, Grandma. I'm-going-to-the-beach.
G: What are you going to buy?
Me: (speechless)

Cousine Dina (CD): Grandma, I want to borrow a blanket. It was so cold last night.
Grandma (G): Oh yes, go to sleep then.
CD: No, Grandma. Blanket. 
G: (staring at CD in confusion)

Letters prove to be more effective.

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