Saturday, March 12, 2011

When You're Away And Disaster Happens Nearby

Have you heard about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? As I wrote this, the breaking news in Bloomberg TV reported about tsunami waves reaching California, the U.S.

Meanwhile, Japan national TV station NHK has been updating news on the disaster, with bird eye's view footage on the tsunami. It was horrible, houses were swept away and fire razed cities like volcano eruption. Scary. 

The news also predicted the tsunami will reach Indonesia and Philippines too. I really hope that everybody manage to get to a safe place. Hearing news like this when I am not home really worries me.

Anyway, I was in the middle of packing my stuffs as Friday was the last day of the training. I'll have my flight back to Indonesia at 11 a.m today. I hope everything goes as schedule, no delay or other problem. 

Hope you have a safe weekend. 


  1. Titi DJ neng... alhamdulillah kayknya tsunaminya gak berlanjut.. mudah2an orang2 yang lag kena musibah bisa tabah..

  2. trims neng. aku dah balik ke jakarta lagi. semoga gak ada lagi tsunami dan gempa...