Monday, March 7, 2011

Under The Indonesian Sun

Indonesia has two seasons: the dry season (April - October) and the rainy season (October-April). The time of the year may say it's time for the rainy season, but the sun is always out there. Jakarta, and perhaps most part of Indonesia, is mostly hot and humid, so hot it feels like I'm in a sauna and so humid I can actually sniff the water in the air (Seriously, when I go to a four-season country, I'll have a mild nosebleed because the air is too dry for my sensitive nose).

The temperature here is usually around 23 - 33 degree Celsius. On the mountain, the temperature may drop a few degree below 20 degree Celsius. So I've never experienced winter with all the glorious white snow. I have to say that I'm a bit curious to see, touch and taste the snow.

I've been to several countries with winter season. But I always went in the spring/summer season. It was July when I went to Vienna, April when I went to Shanghai, June when I went to Beijing, (also) June when I went to Mecca and Madina, and September when I went to Seoul.

So when I landed in Rome last February, it finally dawned on me how blessed I am for living in a country when I can have year-long sunshine. It was only between 10 and 15 degree Celsius, and there was no snow. But  for me, it was very cold. I no longer care that I have never seen snow. What matters most is to stay warm. I'm a tropical animal!

Unfortunately, not all Indonesians are aware that living under the sun is a blessing. Many Indonesians avoid the scorching sun at all cost, fearing that the sun will darken their skin tones (fair skin is considered as the ultimate beauty). I was, or probably still am, one of those people carrying umbrella in a bright midday, but now I put it down once in a while. I still put on my sunblock lotion, but never use whitening lotion like many Indonesians do (because white is might, an advertisement says).

This week, I'll be away from my hot and humid city. I'll go to a place a bit north and have the 10 degree Celsius experience again. C-c-c-could you pass me the sun please? Brrr. 

While I'm not in Indonesia, let me humor you with several photos of me and my cousins, taken years ago during our vacation to Central Java's Kebumen, our grandmother's hometown. 

(left to right) Me, Lukman, Teguh and Dina. I just noticed that we hid our hands behind our back. I forgot what we held in our hands, but it's very likely the shells:)

 Whose shadows are these?

I had a joke with Teguh when this photo was taken. The photo turns out very good. We look like a couple, hahaha. Hmm, this photo is actually quite good for a pre-wedding photo idea.

Best pose ever: hands on your back

Looking ahead

Sea, sun and sand

In Bahasa Indonesia, we call the sun as matahari, or mata hari (or literally means "the eye of the day"). That Dutch exotic dancer and accused spy was definitely taking her name from the Bahasa word. Ah, I miss the sun already!


  1. njaluk ole-oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!! xixixi... ide foto prewednya bgus tuh... tapi sikonnya kadang susah dapet suasana kayak gitu lagi... miss u, tiiif... muach muach

  2. miss you juga ai, ya ampun udah lama banget kita gak ketemu, padahal satu kota. kalau aku kembali, kita harus segerakan pertemuan! oleh-olehnya udara dingin aja kali ya? hihihi. sikon bisa dibangun, yang penting cari lokasinya dulu:)